Last night I made a rare venture out on to Oxford Street, Sydney’s most well known but slowly dying gay strip. We were out for a friend’s birthday at a trashy but cheesy fun nightclub called Palms. Think retro music, no attitude, silly dancing and lots of booze. Their lighting budget was about $10 and went on strings of stripper lights and that’s about it.

I was at the bar waiting at one point and this guy turns around and smiled at me and offered to buy me a drink. We chatted and laughed for a while, headed to the dance floor and had a bit of a pash. For those of you that don’t know, Pash is a distinctly Aussie slang term for making out (U.S.) or snogging (U.K.). After a while I started to get a little bit of a crazy vibe from him so there was no way I was going home with him and I decided that it was probably best to try and get away and back to my friends.

From there the evening became a bit of a game. It was the most bizarre game of hide and seek or cat and mouse I’ve played in a long time. He kept doing laps through the club so I’d duck behind friends or disappear through the crowd. The guy was pretty drunk by this stage so it was fairly easy but I dropped my game at one point and went to the bathroom and he was in there. As he turned from the urinal he saw me and smiled, with a big trail of drool down his chin. At that point I knew I’d made the right decision.

As I was leaving the club I saw that he was pashing some other guy so I claim victory in that game of hide and seek.