With the very much hyped film of Fifty Shades of Grey being released soon Jamie Dornan’s film career may take off or it may die a spectacularly hyped death. There is a lot of risk taking on a film role that has had a lot of people cast but pulling out or rumoured to be in it but not eventuating. The film is a risky one to take on for an actor with it’s sexual content and the publicity around it coupled with the gossip that it is going to be a flop. Social media gossip has the power to kill a movie before it’s even released these days.

Whether or not the movie is a success doesn’t really matter here though because Jamie has been kind enough to pose nude for a shoot by Mert & Marcus in 2007 for Visionaire Fashion Quarterly. I love that fashion magazines use skin to sell as much as they use fabric. The days of a huge scandal around a celebrity going frontal are gone thankfully but it still isn’t that common.These shots are really nicely done and the full frontal isn’t exactly gratuitous or even that obvious. Here’s hoping the movie and Jamie are a success. I’m not even sure I’ll see it but for a movie that has had as much talk it would be a shame for it to flop.