If there is anything that the internet has taught us it’s that there are some odd people out there. Fetishes that were largely left in shadowy corners now find a home in places like Tumblr where people with the same ideas reblog and share their own stories or images. One particular trend that I just don’t understand is the celebrity fake nude.

What on earth is going on with people doing really bad photoshop jobs putting celebrity heads on porn star bodies? Every now and then a fake goes around that has everyone convinced that it’s real and some are pretty good but 99.9% of them are horrendous. As someone that does some retouching and photoshop work for a living, can I suggest we please at least try and match the body angles and lighting? When the top half of the body looks like it’s been twisted like a cheap Ken doll from the bottom half and the shadows are on opposite sides of the body, no one is going to believe it.

The image on the righ of Zac Efron was snapped when he was in Australia I believe a couple of years ago. It wasn’t long before someone got a hold of it and the one on the left was floating around and everyone believed that Zac was stupid enough to go nude on to the balcony of a big hotel right in the centre of the city. I don’t think so. What are the people doing this getting out of it? Do they somehow manage to convince themselves that they have seen the celebrity in question nude? Or is this an extension of the usually terribly written fan fiction where Batman and Superman get it on it a frenzy of latex? There are enough real photos of guys naked on the internet. Just look at those and masturbate to them.