For many years I’ve wanted to go on a sailing holiday. Years ago the idea started locally, thinking of chartering a boat with friends and sailing around the Whitsunday Islands, mooring off deserted beaches, swimming and relaxing with good mates. Then a couple of years ago I was tossing up between Burning Man for the second time or a sailing trip around Croatia and Burning Man won that round. This time around the sailing trip is going to happen. There’s only so long something can languish on your bucket list before it needs to be ticked off I think.

Salty Boys have just released their calendar for the 2015 northern Summer and I know which trip I want to do and I will be booking the trip shortly. The idea of being on a yacht with a group of like minded nude gay men is a very nice one. I’ve also been itching to see a new part of the world that I haven’t seen so Europe is calling. It’s many months away but it’s nice to have something to look forward to.