In about four weeks time I will be moving to a different suburb here in Sydney. It’s a suburb I lived in briefly about 10 years ago and it’s a fantastic suburb. It’s closer to a lot of friends and walking distance to a lot of pubs and restaurants that I like. It’s only been since I made the decision to move that I’ve really realised how ready for this change I am. Living in a big apartment complex as I have done for the last five years you realise how unfriendly and anti-social apartment living can be. People on my own floor avoid eye contact in the lift and in the corridor. That complete opposite of personal and friendly interaction is driving me crazy.

My improved mood could also be contributed to the change in the weather. The days are getting warmer and spring is definitely in the air now. It’s no secret around the Aussielicious blog that my mood is directly linked to the amount of sunshine I see and the temperature. The first real beach day can’t be too far away now. Swimming will be a totally different story as the water temperatures are still very cold and won’t see a significant change for a few months yet sadly. We’ve had a very mild Winter here in Sydney but the last few weeks have been pretty wet and rainy so the burst of Spring is very very welcome.