Last week, a friend told me that he is moving in with his boyfriend who I got to meet recently and is very nice. After a couple of boyfriends that haven’t treated him that well over the last few years it’s really great to see him with someone who treats him well and makes him happy.

Further into their relationship are some other good friends who have just celebrated their tenth anniversary. They aren’t people I get to see very often as they don’t live in Sydney but I got to hang out with them recently and it was really nice to see them and their dynamic as a couple. After ten years they still make each other laugh and they still call each other mate. Not just because they are blokey masculine guys (I refuse to use the term straight acting as there is no acting about it) but also because as they say, “He is my best mate.”

Over the years I’ve watched how my friends work in their relationships and I’ve watched them go through some really rough patches but it makes me smile when I see them happy and bringing out the best in each other. Maybe I’m not destined to find Mr Right. Who knows? What I do know is that I like seeing my friends happy.