It seems the world is finding it harder and harder to get attention focused on issues as we humans seem more focused on creating the issues that need resolving. As a result it appears that to get noticed you need to take your clothes off which has been successful, in a way, for the World Naked Bike Ride which is supposed to draw attention to our obsessive use of fossil fuels to run our cars. Now a man calling himself the Naked Handstander is using his global travels to try and draw attention to Planned Obsolescence.

What is that? It’s creating a consumer society where all of our purchases have a short shelf-life and need to be updated on a regular basis. Kind of ironic that this guy came to my attention on the day when the world was focusing on the new iPhone 6. Apple’s nearly annual consumer festival not only comes at a cost for production but also all the packaging that goes into landfill. Just about every company manufacturing a consumer product does it. Where do their profits go if their product doesn’t need updating every few years at least?

I’m not sure how effective a man doing handstands nude around the world is going to be in combating this problem but the photos are fun and who doesn’t love a bit of a gratuitous nude man upside down in public?