Yesterday I had a brief conversation on facebook with a guy I know about sexuality and sexual fluidity. He said in one message “I fuck chicks but i know I’m not bi… Contradictory yes however if the urge is there, pursue it I say.” Over the years my stance on relationships has evolved to a much more open minded stance. I will never claim to be experienced or knowledgeable about making a relationship work having been single for about 95% of my adult life, but I’ve come to learn that couples need to do what works for them.

This morning an article written by a man called Mike Iamele came up on my facebook feed where he talks about being a straight man and falling in love with his best mate, who is also straight. They are now boyfriends and working hard to make their relationship work even though they both still identify as straight. There will be many of you who scoff at this saying they just can’t admit that they are gay. No. If you read the article you know this man is a very self aware guy who is just open to life’s curve-balls and challenges.

Mike has also posted another article listing some of his ideas about love. It makes for a quick but very good read. A lot of people come into a relationship asking “What am I going to get out of it?” or writing it off at the first hurdle. I’ve watched my parents work at their relationship for 44 years and drive each other crazy but love each other through it all. It is still my ideal model for what a relationship should be but I hope that if someone ever comes along into my life and wants to be a part of it that we will find our own way to make ourselves happy.