Some very close friends of mine have just finished renovating a property they bought three hours out of Sydney. These guys have way more vision when it comes to the potential of a property than a lot of people and the stamina they’ve shown taking what was essentially a barn and turning it into a gorgeous country retreat is incredible. They’ve done a lot of the work themselves and the place looks fantastic. If you need a weekend out of the city and like peace and quiet served with clear skies filled with more stars than you can imagine and a fireplace to warm your feet then Abercrombie Ridge is for you.

Abercrombie Ridge is situated an hour out of Goulburn, south west of Sydney and has gorgeous 360˚ views of rolling hills and bushland with not a neighbour in site. There are over 100 acres of bushland to wander and explore with part of the property bordered by the Abercrombie River. With beds for up to 6 guests and a beautiful big kitchen, the Ridge is great for a group of friends who want to unwind with a good book, several bottles of wine, good food and good company. Sitting in the spa, even in the cold of winter with views forever, watching the sun set with a drink in hand, it’s pretty easy to forget your worries.

Since the property is completely private with no one else visible, those of you that are prone to wandering around nude can do so without a care. Warming your naked bum in front of the fire after sitting in the spa is very nice before you snuggle up on the lounge with a drink and company.