On Saturday I took myself off to the movies to see The 100 Foot Journey. I’m not adverse to going to the movies alone and all my friends were out of town, not interested or booked up so off I went. It was a beautiful movie, co-produced by Oprah Winfrey, it’s lusciously filmed, beautifully acted and it’s a really lovely story. Of course, anything with Helen Mirren in it is going to be great.

The standout of the film is the lead actor Manish Dayal. I know he’s only acting and pretending to be a chef in the movie but any man with his smile and his soulful eyes that can cook up a storm for me would win my heart any day. Manish was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina in 1983. I haven’t actually seen any of his other movies but I will have to look them up, especially The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He’s also done some tv work including 90210. Of course I have no idea of what he’s like in reality but those eyes and that smile have me won over completely.