This morning I did something I haven’t done for far too long. With my neck and back being all knotted up even after a brutalising massage I took myself to the pool for a swim. There is a new-ish pool ten minutes drive away and this morning at 10am it only had one or two people in each lane. I’m a good swimmer when I’m swim fit but I haven’t swum laps in years. As a teenager while I was at school I was swimming 3-4km a day comfortably. This morning just getting one kilometre done was more challenging than I care to admit. It’s a beautiful pool and the weather was gorgeous for the last day of Winter here in Sydney. I think it has helped my back too. If I swim regularly I find my back doesn’t get anywhere near as sore and knotted up as when I don’t. Need to keep it happening. It will also work well with the strength needed for aerial circus, strengthening my lats.

Now if only Sydney had some nude swims at a regular pool. The Sydney Sunboys have pool parties but I would love for a pool to have a nude swim session so I could go and do laps nude. I know such things happen in London and other cities around world. Kirill from Active Naturists has posted about a Paris sports complex that has nude sessions in their gym and pool.

Outdoor winter pool in Berlin (Badeschiff) 1 from Active Naturists on Vimeo.