Reports are hitting the news that Burning Man is in lockdown at the moment. The site has been closed to people coming in today and possibly for another day or two after heavy rains. People are being told to go back to Reno and hold off until they are given the all clear. I can only imagine the chaos with people trying to find last minute accommodation. 70,000+ people will be going to the festival this year and only a small portion of that would have been in already when the site went into lockdown. They site gets closed because, being desert it will just become mud and completely torn up in the wet and all those RV’s and vehicles would just get bogged.

I  hope that my friends got in before the site got locked down. At least for those already in they can just bunker down and relax as much as possible until the festival dries out. It has reaffirmed my decision not to go this year. I’m still a little jealous but this makes it that much easier.

The Bucking Duck ride from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.