A month or two ago I saw an image that I’d taken of the gorgeous Mike, but it wasn’t looking how I’d taken it. Someone had retouched it. If you see above, the original as I took it is on the left. The shot someone has retouched and cropped out my watermark is on the right. I have no idea why they felt the need to do that. I’m not offended by it but if you are into huge beefy guys, there are plenty of images already online of those guys. If it was to show off retouching skills then you are going to need to do better. It’s not the worst retouching job but they’ve made the waterline rather curved and there are some odd seams in Mike’s shoulders where they’ve cut and pasted him together again.

Moving on from butchering my photography, are we now at the stage where someone who works out 6 times a week and eats really well and has an incredible body isn’t enough? The obsession with body image in the world at the moment scares the hell out of me. If Mike’s body doesn’t stand up to scrutiny then I don’t know many guys whose body would. Fetishising unattainable bodies is not going to do anyone any good and if someone is only turned on by a body that is impossible then they aren’t going to find many people in the real world that turn them on are they?