Two very lovely friends of mine who live in a different state are getting married early next year. Despite our backward thinking government doing it’s best to never legalise gay marriage, they are forging ahead and having a ceremony to show their commitment to each other regardless. These lovely boys don’t have heaps of money for a lavish wedding so it’s going to be a very small affair with family and a handful of friends. Given that I don’t see them very often I wasn’t budgeting on being there, so it was a lovely surprise yesterday when I got a call from them asking if I would be interested in doing the photos at their wedding. Of course I bloody am!

I’m not a wedding photographer and they know that. There were jokes made about the wedding photos being nude with body paint but we decided the family may not cope with that. This is their way of being able to include me in their special day which means an enormous amount to me. There are no guarantees I’ll ever meet someone special so I may never get to have a wedding of my own so I’m just going to soak up all the love and happiness I can by enjoying my friends weddings.

Now I need to brush up on my event photography. Eeek.