Nate Green denies gay past. Becomes homophobic straight singer.

Music should be about talent and not sexuality, but I’m proud of mine nonetheless.” Those were the words of out and proud gay country singer Josey Greenwell when he graced the cover of DNA Magazine just a couple of years ago. Inside the magazine he frolicked in a photo shoot with his boyfriend of the time. Just last year Josey disappeared from all social media and media generally.

Fast forward to this year and straight country singer Nate Green has appeared on the scene. In the old age of Hollywood people could overhaul their image completely and a lot of indiscretions or overhauls of image could be handled much more quietly. Sadly for “Nate” the internet has been invented but he doesn’t seem to understand that the internet never forgets. Nate is in fact Josey, but Nate has obviously got homophobic management or has been caught by the ex-gay movement because he is actively blocking gay people from interacting on social media and threatening to sue people who allege that “Nate” is gay.

Not sure how this one is going to play out but it’s terribly sad that people are being manipulated in this way still with the perception that it will mean more widespread success when they purge the evil gay from their life. Whether it’s come from Nate/Josey himself or someone telling him to do this, he should know that you don’t piss off the gays and expect to be successful. Many have failed because of the gay boycott and negative publicity. Any artist worth anything embraces and appreciates the gay audience even if they don’t identify as gay, any more.

This would have been so much more successfully handled by saying, yes I was gay but I fell in love with a woman or I found god or anything but this nasty approach. Sadly I expect this will be the most publicity he gets.