A few months ago some photos went around of a couple of the guys from the UK’s The Only Way is Essex, on vacation in Spain (or filming their “reality” show) in the one sided man thong. The world went nuts over the images, thankfully mostly in shock. Over the past few years with so many underwear brands fighting for their slice of the financial pie they are resorting to more and more niche looks to capture attention but surely most guys wear pretty standard underwear from day to day don’t they?

Now I’m not much of a fetish guy really. I’ve dabbled in some things that I like to do but none of my fetishes sexual vibes revolve around something to wear. I’m not into lycra, speedos or leather. There are some seriously odd pieces of underwear on the market with bizarre cutouts and straps, buckles and some that I’m not entirely sure how they stay on. There is obviously a market for these things as the brands are surviving and producing product so someone has to be buying them.

When a friend of mine who is very hot saw the guys wearing their side thongs, he posed in one and did a comparison. My comment to him was that because he has a ridiculously good body he looked good DESPITE the underwear, not because of it. If someone feels sexy in it then go ahead, we should all wear what makes us feel sexy, but to be honest I just don’t get it. For me sexy garments enhance your body, not detract from it. It’s the difference between a jock strap (good) and a g-string (very very bad on a man).