The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely crazy over the last week on the internet with some huge name celebrities getting doused in ice water like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and even legendary ice queen Anna Wintour. Originally the idea was to get doused in ice water OR pay a donation to raise money for the charity to help end ALS, also known here in Australia as Motor Neurone Disease. I’m hoping that all these people doing the challenge are wearing the icy water AND donating because otherwise it’s not doing the job as well as it could have. The publicity the cause is getting is fantastic and over $15M has been raised already.

A happy by-product of the challenge is that we are seeing lots of hot men being doused in water either shirtless or in white tee-shirts which is always fun. Emblem Three are a boyband that I’ve never heard of but they took it even further, as have a few other hardy souls, and did the challenge nude. There’s not junk on display but that’s understandable when cold water is involved.