Hiram is one of Aussielicious’ straight allies and all round nice guy. He’s been contributing photos to Aussielicious for years but he actually started with a great shot of his impressive cock several years ago when I had the old version of Pornolicious. Every now and then Hiram sends a new photo in and regularly joins in on the challenges. He recently sent in a shot that had to go on the new version of Pornolicious due to the hardon that he has. It’s a lovely one!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m always impressed when straight guys are happy to have gay guys looking at them nude and hard. The day when it stops being impressive and any kind of big deal then I’ll know we’ve achieved acceptance.

To anyone that is about to comment that Hiram must be at least bi-curious, sorry lads. He’s recently and very happily married to a lovely lady.