The other day I found a hot straight Swedish guy on Instagram and was having a look through his photos when I came across an adorable shot of him standing nude on the shore of a lake holding the hands of his sons who were also nude. One of them is about three years old and the other about 18 months or so. They are all very relaxed, facing away from the camera and enjoying the sunshine.

If that had been posted in the U.S. and sadly I believe even here, then I’m afraid that the father would probably be arrested for child porn offenses. There would certainly be a lot of shaming and trolling going on when in reality it’s a very natural thing. I used to see my parents nude a little bit when I was growing up. My family certainly aren’t the types to wander around the shore of a lake nude so I don’t know where I got my nude tendencies but there was never any shame about nudity growing up.

In countries like the U.S. or here a nudist family is more likely to be thought of as strange where it seems that Scandinavia they’d just be another family. It’s a bit sad that so many countries would rather show distressing violence on tv and have no qualms with children seeing that, than a healthy human body.

I haven’t posted the actual image that inspired this post because I didn’t want to invite the drama about posting children. Instead I’ve used an old series of shots that I’ve used before of some young surfer brothers relaxing on the beach. It looks like they are from the 70’s or 80’s.