Last night I had a dinner party to farewell the boys that I went to Burning Man with last year that are going back again this year. Part of me is sad not to be going but mostly I’m fine with it. Burning Man is such a big undertaking from all they way over here in Sydney and with so much of the world to see I think I’ve had my Burning Man experiences for a while. It’s such an intense, mind blowing, bizarre, at times difficult experience that I think I will have a break to see other parts of the world before I go back “home” to Black Rock City. All over the playa you are greeted with “Welcome Home” which is a really beautiful way to greet someone.

There is a lot of genuinely life changing thoughts behind Burning Man. Leave no trace. Self expression. Gifting. Self reliance. All of that great stuff but at times there is a lot of bullshit psycho babble being thrown around as well. More than once I heard in very cliched L.A. accents “Oh My God, I just had like this total, you know, epiphany.” No dear, your drugs just kicked in.

I do love that at Burning Man seeing a tattooed red neck walking around in a tutu is no big deal, nor is a metallic onesie or nothing at all. You’d be forgiven for thinking from my choice of photos or the medias portrayal of Burning Man in general that it’s a very nude festival. It’s really not. There is always someone nude nearby and it’s perfectly acceptable but it’s much less of a nude festival than imagined by most people.

To everyone going back “Home” this year, have an amazing time. Play safe, play nice, look after each other.