Today I had a look at my grindr which I don’t do all that often and a message popped up. That’s the message above. “Interested in a slave? Masculine bi discrete genuine guy here. Regular is minimum I seek ideally.” Uh, what? This message was not accompanied by a photo or any other details about the slave on offer. From watching  shows like Spartacus I know that slave owners at least get to check their slaves teeth and phyiscal health before they take them on. Surely this guy as a genuinely submissive guy would have enjoyed sending degrading nudes for me or was I supposed to demand them from him in a dominant way?

Being the kind of guy that likes equality in my relationships both romantic and sexual I’m not sure of the rules of this kind of thing. Apparently my need of a cleaner didn’t really suit his needs and he blocked me. Doesn’t that go against the rules of being a slave or submissive? I should have been the one to dismiss him?

To be honest I have no understanding of this kind of sexual psychology. I have my own sexual fantasies and ideals but bossing someone around isn’t really on my radar. I would have let him clean my room nude if that would have degraded him sufficiently?