Today I was having a discussion online with a friend about guys and their “size”. I made the comment that it seems like the skinny guys have massive cocks and the bigger guys don’t seem as lucky. Of course it was a sweeping generalisation but my friends and I often joke about the little guys being a life support system for a penis.

The conversation, for some reason reminded me of an encounter that I had 11 years ago. I had moved back from London earlier in the year and was working hard to put weight on after losing a lot of weight and fitness over there, coming back at 67kg. It was winter in Sydney and I had taken myself to the old Ginseng Korean Baths to soak, relax nude and be warm. There was a guy there that I could not take my eyes off. You know those guys that you fall in love with just a little bit as soon as you see them? Something about them just rocks your world.

He had to be about 6’5″ tall and a BIG guy. By big I mean Huge. He wasn’t ripped at all but wasn’t fat at all either, just a man mountain of muscle and solidness. He was sitting on those tiny little stools at the asian style seated showers washing and shaving his junk and his balls and cock hung way over the edge of the stool. So he goes a long way to dispel my theory of skinny guys having massive cocks and visa versa.

He was the very definition of the kind of guy I’d treat like an amusement park ride before cuddling up on the lounge and feeling like everything was right in the world. I’ve never seen him around town since.