The other day an international Facebook friend of mine posted a status that someone he knows in the showbiz industry knows “for certain” that a bunch of celebrities are gay. Then he went on to list them.

Right, so now that that is cleared up can we shut the fuck up about possibly gay celebrities? Why do we care so much? I know, it’s because we live in a deluded fantasy land that if a rich, famous and good-looking man is gay then we will no doubt get to sleep with them. Guess what? No!

One of the names on the list was James Franco. Do we think he wouldn’t come out if he was? The man is about as close to fucking another man on screen as your favourite porn star but he’d do it with bad lighting in a public gallery and call it art. I don’t think he has anything to hide. Hugh Jackman was another on the list. This one just won’t quit. Both the guys mentioned are incredibly gay friendly and not in the least homophobic and most people that are scared of being outed would stay well away from gay rights wouldn’t they?

The tone of the post was quite amazing that because he’d heard it from a friend that it must be true. All of these rumours are started by someone’s friend. They are all bullshit and even if they aren’t, it’s nobodies business! By constantly associating scandal with sexuality we are perpetuating the lesson to young people struggling that being gay is somehow wrong or sneaky. Let’s leave it up to celebrities to come out on their own, that way they won’t feel as much pressure to hide it.