Thank goodness I have organised friends. I’m one of those terrible people that gets a message from someone saying “Are we still on for diner tomorrow night” and I’ve completely forgotten about our plans. Thankfully my friends have learnt this and now remind me well in advance.

Tonight some friends and I are off to see Tom At the Farm which doesn’t exactly look like a delightful romp through a farm romance. No, it looks much like a twisted nightmare when Tom goes out to a farm for his partner’s funeral only to find out that his family know nothing of who Tom is or what he was to their son/brother. Awkward. Here’s hoping it’s better than the last movie we went to see together called Praia Do Futuro which was the most disjointed movie with no explanation for massive jumps in the story that I’ve seen in years.

Update: Here’s my thoughts on the movie. Once I stopped being distracted by the lead character’s hideous hair including extensions, I was truly unnerved by the movie. I kept thinking “WTF am I watching?” the whole way through. As a friend on facebook who loved it has pointed out, it obviously got me thinking and I guess to an extent I was invested in the movie. I wanted certain outcomes to happen but by the end I figured none of the characters were likeable and the only thing I really wanted to happen was to see the psycho brother character nude. As I said to my friend, it may have got me thinking but I very much doubt I’d watch it again.