There is a guy that goes to my gym relatively regularly that while technically he’s not doing anything wrong, leaves me feeling slightly uneasy. He is usually just arriving at the gym as I’m hitting the shower and getting dressed. He arrives and the first thing he does is take everything but his underwear off in the locker room. So far there’s nothing out of the ordinary. We all do that to change into our gym gear. He spends as much time as possible wearing the bare minimum while he irons a shirt, unpacks his gym bag and generally fusses about getting organised before putting on his clothes to train.

This is where I started to get an impression that being seen and looked at was his thing. The shorts he puts on are TINY little shorts. They would look out of place in 99% of gyms on everyone, no matter how stunning a body they might possess. While he is far from in bad shape this guy is no adonis. What makes it worse is that he then takes these tiny shorts and hitches them up so they are barely more than speedos. I could possibly understand hitching long shorts up when doing squats or something but these shorts aren’t interfering in anything, let alone chin-ups.

The other day I noticed him lying on the floor right next to where everyone walks in and out of the locker room, on his back between sets of sit-ups with his legs wide open looking around the gym as if he was making sure that he was being noticed. Like I said earlier, nothing he is doing is wrong but it feels like misplaced exhibitionism. I have no problem whatsoever with exhibitionists but this feels slightly inappropriate like he’s almost forcing people to be voyeurs unwillingly. Interestingly I would have zero problem with him wandering around the locker room completely nude for as long as he liked. It’s the borderline indecent shorts and vaguely in-your-face behaviour out on the gym floor that bothers me.