It seems that a lot of you are keen to try out the asian baths that I’ve mentioned here in Sydney. They aren’t as traditional as the old Ginseng Baths were in Kings Cross but they are ok. They are called Babylon Spa and Sauna. If you do a google you find a lot of guys asking about the massage service and happy endings which I’m lead to believe are a real option. Unfortunately for those of us homosexually inclined they aren’t administered by men but by women.

While the Ginseng baths used to have some serious flirting and the occasional fumble under the water at Babylon I’m yet to see anything more than hungry glances which is fine by me. If I wanted that kind of sauna there are plenty of those in town.

If you are looking to go to Babylon it’s open from 11am til 2am every day and it’s located in Market City above Paddy’s Markets near Chinatown. It’s not the easiest to find. If you take the main escalators up from street level and then go up again on the escalators to your left. Turn right at the top and they are down the corridor where the toilets are but further around. Be warned, while it is clean and bright it’s certainly not glamorous. I’m yet to discover a busy time too. The most I’ve seen in the bathing/steam/sauna/spa area is about ten guys.

Next on my list is to find out if there is a traditional Turkish Hammam in Sydney at all.