On Friday evening, a mate and I caught up and relaxed while soaking nude at the Asian baths. It’s never very busy but there is usually some interesting people watching to be done there. I’m a big fan of people watching in general and when it’s at the nude beach or in a nude environment it’s even more fascinating.

This time around there were two guys in there that were almost certainly brothers. They both looked quite similar and both had lots of tattoos. The younger one wore the satin shorts that they have there but the older brother probably broke all sorts of protocol by wearing his own shorts in the baths. The younger brother didn’t seem to want to share any of the spaces. If he was going into the dry sauna and someone else was there, he’d turn and go somewhere else. Similarly he would leave if you walked into the space he was in. He looked terrified. The older brother wasn’t concerned at all. Interestingly it was the younger brother that stripped nude in the shower at the end before he left.

These baths aren’t a cruising area at all but my mate and I were watching a hot Maori guy who was definitely looking curious for some action. He kept looking at us while he was in the shower and before we left he was definitely putting on a show for my friend in the shower. He also looked a little nervous. We came to the conclusion that he was definitely curious but possibly not out and most likely had little experience. He sure did look good nude though.