I recently mentioned that I’d been for a soak with a mate at the (only) local asian baths. My back has been quite tight and sore for a bit over a week and I think I might head there again for an hour or so to soak tomorrow night to see if I can relieve it a bit. Even if it doesn’t work I love being warm and nude and soaking in the water. It’s always nice to experience a bit of communal bathing and relaxing. The fact that so many cultures around the world have communal bathing as a natural and healthy part of life says to me that it’s only modern interpretations of “purity” and wholesomeness that have corrupted that experience for a lot of people.

Australia has such beautiful weather it makes much more sense not to wear anything in the heat if you don’t have to. Why we don’t have more nude beaches and more nudists baffles me. Places like these asian baths should be much more popular than they are. I’m going after work tomorrow evening. If anyone sees me there, say hi.