Art is a very personal experience. There are millions of people that look at modern art and think “WTF is that?” There are just as many people that look at classical landscapes and think they are boring. Wherever you are on the art appreciation spectrum it’s probably different to whatever the artist is thinking as they create it. Brent Ray Fraser is an artist that from where I’m standing seems to be more about the publicity and shock value than creating art. Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all. Andy Warhol made a huge name for himself by deliberately courting the mass appeal.

Brent’s work usually involves himself and himself not wearing anything. I first came across his teaser videos on vimeo and ended up on his website but didn’t want to pay for the subscription to see videos. There are now some videos around showing all the goods. He does public performance pieces where he paints while nude using his rather impressive cock to make the “art”. Some of it ends up looking cool, other pieces are just cock prints all over a canvas. Each to their own.

This video below is a new piece and it’s apparently a tribute but comes across as a fairly self indulgent video where he gets to flex his exhibitionist muscle. Good on him. He looks great nude and certainly gets the attention. The footage is actually quite beautiful but that could be me flexing my voyeuristic muscle. I’m a sucker for a beautiful nude body walking around nude.

“Modern Man” – An artistic nude retrospect by Brent Ray Fraser from Brent Fraser on Vimeo.