This is a bit of a lazy blog post I’m sorry. The lazy junior at work finished a few weeks ago and this week a big job has come in that I’m managing so my days are leaving me a little frazzled by the time I get home. Thankfully this is easily turned into a Mining-the-clouds situation. With junior gone the scope of my job has increased and that will be the case even when my boss gets around to replacing him. For the time being it involves me doing all the product photography which he used to do. It also involves me managing the freelancer that is in for a few days helping out. So I think I’m doing a good job of keeping the job on track and also showing that I can handle more responsibility to my boss.

Unfortunately tonight I just don’t have the brain power write anything wildly entertaining for you. Instead I’m sharing a video of a gratuitiously nude hand balancer. Why not do acrobatics nude? Hand balancing takes a lot of strength and even more control. It is something I’d like to try but I have a feeling it would take more time than I can devote to it. He looks good doing it though.

acrobata desnudo from sergio ariell arias on Vimeo.