When you hear of the UFC, gay friendly and tolerant aren’t the things that first come to mind. The things that come to mind for me are guys beating the crap out of each other in a cage. I’m not a violent person and while I can admit these guys are incredible athletes I don’t understand the appeal at all. So it was a very pleasant surprise to see this story about Kyle Kingsbury showing his support in a bold statement at a pre-match weigh in.

Kyle AKA Kingsbu, was making a brief comeback after a two year hiatus from UFC for a match with Patrick Cummins and before stepping on the scales for his weigh in he dropped his shorts revealing some (unfortunately baggy) pink underwear with a very large “LEGALIZE GAY” across his toned butt. As yet I haven’t seen any statement from Kyle about why he made such a bold show of support for LGBT rights. He did announce his retirement after losing to Cummins saying “It didn’t make sense to get beat up anymore”. Personally it didn’t make much sense to start getting beat up but I’m a fan of Mr Kingsbury after this. Thank you Kyle!