New Zealand cops a fair bit of joking from Australians for being the “poor cousin” neighbour but they’ve given us many good things over the years. Some are still being disputed such as the Pavlova and personally while Russell Crowe is claimed as Australian I’d be happy to give him back. One thing they have given the world is Manu Bennett. He’s mostly known for his full frontal bad-guy-made-good role of Crixus in Spartacus (above). He’s also been in the Hobbit trilogy and CW’s The Arrow.

Manu’s Maori heritage has given him that amazing dark complexion and soulful eyes and it may well have helped his warrior like portrayal of Crixus. I don’t know that it has anything to do with his nude-friendliness. The Maori warriors are often seen with their butts out in traditional costume, even when making traditional greetings of royalty but there isn’t a lot of frontal imagery going on.

A week or so ago, a mate and I were at the Asian baths having a soak and three Maori guys came in with their cool kiwi accents and tribal tattoos but instead of getting nude like everyone else, they wore the flimsy silky shorts in the spa and steam room etc. Now these guys were obsessively talking about Rugby, like most kiwis and I gathered that they played on the same team. I would have assumed the team showers nude in communal showers like most footy clubs. Who knows. It was a surprising and out of context modesty given the environment. One of them was absolutely stunning and had a body that should have been uncovered.