My plans to rediscover my mojo are just not quite working out. My flatmate has been out of town all week and there were a couple of nights I was trying to find someone to drop by for a bit of a fool around but as is usual with Grindr etc, the guys you want aren’t interested or aren’t around and the ones that want you aren’t the ones you want. Today a guy was supposed to come over for a shag but I texted him a couple of hours beforehand to confirm and he replied that he’d changed his mind.

The rational part of me says he just wasn’t after a casual shag, or something else came up. My neurotic insecure side says that he realised that I wasn’t sexy enough or something. I was really hoping that by having sex with someone I had a good feeling about rather than a complete stranger hookup I’d be able to relax more and enjoy it and therefore not be as nervous about sex and hooking up in general. The longer I go without, the more insecure about it I get.

Not a very happy camper this afternoon.