It’s a strange day when Buzzfeed has become my source for perve material but that is exactly what happened this afternoon. Strangely enough it coincided precisely with the moment I felt quite old. This guy is Jaeger O’Meara who plays Australian Rules Football, by far the most athletic of football codes played here, for the Gold Coast Suns. He was named the NAB AFL Rising Star for 2013 after last year’s season and I think it may have been for his cheekbones alone, possibly aided by his jawline.

Jaeger is a young guy, he turned 20 earlier this year. His birthday is in February according to Wikipedia. I could also tell he was young by his gorgeous skin, ridiculous body and his name. Only guys with fairly young parents have names like Jaeger. Seriously though, how does a 20 year old have guns like his? AFL players run on average 14km (9 miles) per match and while I don’t understand the rules of the game the players make it very appealing to the eye.