In this modern age of dating, one often turns to the use of apps like Grindr to seek fulfillment either romantically or physically. If one wants to get the attention of a potential suitor it’s thought that the best approach is with a friendly greeting or a compliment. That is the wrong way to go. It seems a popular new trend is taking the app-dating world by storm and it is a much more logical approach. Rather than be polite or complimentary, one will garner much more attention with a well placed insult or even a hint of insanity.

A gentleman recently caught my eye with this approach on my recent road trip. He firstly proved that he had carefully read my profile by mixing an insult with vague overtones of dangerous violence when he started with “You sound as deranged as me, not a bad way to be…” Well it’s very kind of him to notice. I thought I’d hidden my deranged tendencies under a thick layer of normality but I’m ever so glad he saw through that. Then he followed up that gem with a commentary on how cold the temperature was which might sound a bit ordinary, even pedestrian but he redeemed himself by thoroughly unnerving me with his illustration of the point. How did he do this? He sent several photos of a Ken Doll wearing a skirt and pointed out that Ken was only missing his man-parts because of the temperature.

I’m sure if I were brave or foolish enough to go on a date with this gentleman it would never be dull and I’d be entertained for hours either trying to escape the attic prison he locked me in or playing find Ken’s man-parts while laughing in a deranged manner.