After running a blog for nearly nine years with a certain level of success in terms of readership, people approach Aussielicious from time to time to establish a sponsorship or marketing collaboration. I get it. If you are searching for the right thing Aussielicious comes up in google searches quite readily because of the number of hits it gets and because it starts with A but I really think some people need to do a bit more reading of the site before they ask if I’m interested in a deal.

Overnight an email came in from the “blogger outreach program coordinator” of East Dane, a men’s fashion site. One of her opening lines in the email was “We consider Aussielicious a fashion authority…” Seriously? If the lady of the ridiculously long job title had actually read Aussielicious instead of probably googling “gay blog” she might have noticed that it’s not often that people are actually wearing any fashion on the pages of Aussielicious.

Even if someone’s site is really cool, if their approach is completely misguided I’m probably not going to take them seriously. So I’m sorry lady of the very long job title, it’s a no from me today.