A couple of years ago there was a young guy doing some modelling around Sydney. He was young, fit and good looking. That’s him on the far left. He was probably about 20 or 21. That young man has since found Crossfit. When I posted about my curiosity for Crossfit a little while ago he was the guy on the right with no pants on. His name is Khan Porter and he’s just become a professional Crossfit Athlete and I believe he may well be Australia’s first professional Crossfit Athlete. That’s right. Getting and staying really fit is his job now. Oh and competing.

The photo on the left is Khan no more than 4 years ago. The rest are Khan now. When I say I’m using him as gymspiration there is some realism at play here. I will never have that body and I don’t really want to devote the amount of time it takes to become a professional athlete but if you follow Khan’s instagram (@iamkhanporter) you’ll see he genuinely loves it and does it for the fun, fitness and camaraderie. Khan and his mates are also prone to doing their training in speedos from time to time or dancing around nude behind a mate doing deadlifts just for laughs.

So while I will never look like Khan I can use his attitude and transformation as inspiration… and just a little bit of fantasy.