This model hipster Jesus is Ben Dahlhaus. So far the internet doesn’t seem too privvy to details about Mr Dahlhaus but the hot Jesus tag is sticking. There are other comments out here calling him the hot hipster. I’m in agreement. He’s stunning. Not sure he’s entirely my type as I still haven’t become a devoted fan of the big bushy beard but when someone is as beautiful as Mr Dahlhaus here, it’s going to work regardless.

After growing up on beaches seeing surfers everywhere I will always have a soft spot for a hot guy with this kind of long but not wildly styled hair. In some photos I’ve seen he rocks a man bun as well as Jared Leto. I can’t find details about height or anything to provide you with I’m afraid. The only thing I can find is that he seems to be from Sweden but even that has let me down as there don’t appear to be any nudes… yet.