While I was away up north on my road trip, while visiting a waterfall in the area I was feeling inspired by all the “naking” photos on instagram. Knowing that there were no other cars in the car park when I set out on the walk which meant a good ten minute window of opportunity and solitude, I stripped off for a cheeky nude selfie. When I saw the photo I was mortified. While the rational part of me knows it was not a flattering angle all I can see is the extra flesh and rolls where I don’t want them and have absolutely no need for them. It actually caused a little bit of a melt down that afternoon.

I know I’m not technically fat or anything but I also know that I’m carrying more weight than I should and that my diet has been atrocious in the last few months. The photo I took last week will serve as a reminder to get my diet sorted and incorporate some dreaded cardio into my workouts. I’m vain, I admit it. I’m also not that healthy at the moment. Sure it could be a lot worse but I think too many people use other people’s worse habits to justify their own bad ones. The photo above was taken by my old flatmate a few years ago when I was assisting him on a photo shoot. I was just goofing around and he had an amazing talent for snapping you in the unguarded moments. That is my goal. I’m not going to be unrealistic and aim for a Men’s Health cover model look. That’s would be setting myself up for defeat. Right. Let’s get this done.