Early on Saturday morning I’ll be leaving on a road trip. Since I can’t afford a big holiday like Burning Man this year but I have lots of leave saved up I thought I’d take the opportunity to see some friends who live up north. They live about half an hour outside Byron Bay, a beautiful beachside town about 10 hours drive north of Sydney. It’s famous for it’s beaches, it’s seafood, hippies, relaxing and it’s laid back lifestyle.

On Saturday I’ll drive as far as Coffs Harbour and relax there for the later part of the day and stay the night before driving the rest of the way to my mates’ place by lunch time. They’ll be working during the week that I’m up there so I’ll spend my days taking photos, having coffees, reading and perving at the ridiculously hot men that seem to be in Byron every time I’ve been. It’s always full of hot surfers and backpackers. Bring it on!

I’m planning on getting a handful of blog posts ready to go so that when I can, I’ll log in quickly and hit post so that you aren’t all left high and dry while I’m away for your fix of Aussielicious.