The other day I posted about the waiting game I was playing waiting for a guy from the gym to call. I’m packing up the dice and putting that game away. He was at the gym again on Tuesday which was a week after giving him my number. He said hello but there still has been no phone call, text or other communication. Maybe he has a boyfriend or maybe he’s not after anything but on my board game you get an extra roll of the dice if you are clear about what is going on and what you want. If he’s not interested that’s fine but a courteous “no thanks” would be nice. It also doesn’t explain why he so blatantly stopped and stared as I walked into the shower.

Giving him my phone number was the first roll of the dice in my new game. It’s called “Why not?” In this game instead of over thinking things and talking myself out of asking someone out with my usual thoughts of not being good enough or he won’t be interested, I ask myself “why not?” and just give it a whirl. As a result, someone commented on something on my photography page on Tuesday. We got chatting, added each other on facebook, saw that we had lots of mutual friends and we now have a date tomorrow night. Fingers crossed.