With the Todd Carney scandal over the weekend, the term “bubbling” has been bandied about all over the place. Vice Magazine did a story with some skater that claims it’s huge in Australia, we invented it, all do it and that his father even taught him how to do it. I’m calling bullshit.

I have no doubt that it’s been done in drunken dares several times but I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s huge and something that a lot of people do. It’s only been added to Urban Dictionary with this definition yesterday. I have a feeling that Troy West aka “Skategypsy” is literally taking the piss with his interview for Vice. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to take credit for starting a trend for pissing in your own mouth. A google image search and a tumblr search came up with nothing tagged as Bubbling that remotely resembled people pissing in their mouth.

Todd Carney has lost his $650,000 per year contract playing NRL and has allegedly been banned for life for all his misadventures over the years. I’m not sure that pissing in his own mouth should be considered the worst thing he’s done. He got another chance after glassing his girlfriend in the face. Surely pissing in your own mouth is just the watersports equivalent of a wank?