Sometimes I wish the dating game didn’t so readily come with the word game attached to it. There are so many rules and a lot of maneuvering when you are trying to meet someone or go out with someone. A few weeks ago at the gym a guy was blatantly checking me out. Now I don’t usually assume they are checking me out when that happens. I’m more likely to assume if someone is looking at me that my form is terrible at the gym or I have something hanging out of my nose but this guy stopped and watched me walk nude into the shower cubicle in the locker room so it was fairly evident what he was doing.

Then he disappeared for two weeks or so, right after I’d resolved to give him my number and say hi when I next saw him. Thankfully he turned up again on Tuesday. So I said hi and gave him my number. It was Thursday when I saw him next and there was a bit of polite early morning gym chatter. As I walked away I said give me a call and he replied with a yes.

There has been plenty of opportunity for a polite text saying he’s not interested or to tell me he has a partner or something or maybe even that I’m completely off the mark but none of that has happened. Neither has a call or message come through saying he’s interested. It’s now Saturday night and I’m wondering what is going on. Surely the mandatory period so that he doesn’t look too keen has passed? A weekend is a good time to call. Games. I’m not good at them.