Everyone has things they’ve done in their past that they may be perfectly comfortable with but they may want to leave them behind. A friend of mine has done a little bit of porn several years ago. He never reached the famous heights of the guys pictured above (Francois Sagat, Brent Everett, Kris Evans, Thom Barron and Lukas Ridgeston) but he has a handful of films under his belt. By no means is he ashamed of them but he’s moved on. He’s successful in his chosen career, intelligent and a great guy so it is frustrating when the porn is all people focus on.

He recently had a problem with someone in a group that he is involved with constantly bringing it up. It’s not a secret within that group but it’s pretty clear that my friend doesn’t really want it talked about and certainly not mentioned several times in the one meeting. Yes, in a meeting. The same way that Miley Cyrus is doing everything in her power to make sure we don’t remember her as Hannah Montana but it will always be a part of her history, my friend acknowledges his films but would like to be remembered for a lot more. It’s not like his life ended once he stopped making porn.

Is there anything that you, my readers would rather let go of but are constantly reminded of?