I’ve got two more portraits to share with you today in the Portrait Challenge. There are only 5 days or so (depending where you are) to get your photo in for the challenge. There are some great entries already in so get moving!

Bruce took this friend of his, Mike, in 1981. Sadly Mike passed away at the age of 27 but this portrait will endure. It’s very much a portrait of it’s time and almost harks back to the early days of Falcon Studios with the blonde surfer hair and high waisted jeans.

The other entry today is from Sue from Fairview (very NSFW). Sue is a wonderful lady who even though she is straight probably watches more gay porn than most of us gay men. This is a portrait of a sausage vendor in Budapest, Hungary. Now if the term Sausage Vendor from Budapest doesn’t conjure up dirty thoughts about Bel Ami porn stars then I don’t know what will. It’s a beautiful portrait of a gorgeous man.