Thank you Chris.

Sometimes I go into a photo shoot feeling well prepared and sometimes I feel less prepared. My recent shoot with Andrew was one of those well prepared shoots. On Sunday I did a shoot with a mate of mine Chris and it was somewhere between the well prepared and completely unprepared shoots. I’d known in my head that I wanted feathers knotted into string to drape and wrap around him but I made up the facepaint and bodypaint on the fly and afterwards I really wasn’t sure that I’d done the right thing. Now after a couple of days after the shoot I can say I’m happy with the results.

Chris is one of the few guys that doesn’t mind frontal shots being released. The frontal shot above is comfortable for me as it’s there but the rest of the shot is strong enough that his cock isn’t the focus or distracting. A girl I know didn’t actually even notice at first because she was looking at the feathers and the rest of the photo which to me, is how it should be. Chris isn’t a professional model and is as insecure as the rest of us at times about his body which is absolutely beautiful to the rest of us.

5 Responses to “Thank you Chris.”

  1. 1 darren

    Beautiful photos and an amazing looking model to work with.

    Brenton, are you finding more and more of the younger Australian models to be not circumcised like Chris?

  2. 2 Alex

    I like the use of the feathers against his skin tone. The painted ones look pretty detailed.

  3. 3 Dave

    Beautiful photos. Chris needs to spend some time in Europe especially in summer to overcome his insecurity about his body, he has nothing to worry about. As for the middle shot I didn’t notice either at first the lighting is excellent. Darren must be looking closer than me but I always never use the word circumcision. Unless it is for medical reasons such as a tight foreskin etc., it is genital mutilation

  4. 4 Mac

    These are wonderful pics. Top work, fella!

  5. 5 Jackie

    Divine work Brenton…and so wonderful to see a beautiful penis in your art. For me it certainly enhances the feeling of the work.

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