Even though it’s winter here not all the Aussies are rugging up to keep warm. Five hundred brave souls stripped off in Tasmania (that little triangular island at the bottom of Australia) to “celebrate” the winter solstice with a skinny dip at Long Beach Hobart on the weekend. The water was a ridiculously cold six degrees celsius which is only just over 42F to those using Farenheit. You wouldn’t get me doing that at all. Not unless I am in Scandinavia or Germany or somewhere that has a very nice toasty warm hot tub or sauna right next to the water.

Also getting nude is Australian former Olympic Swimmer Michael Klim. His wife Lindy posted a cheeky shot to Instagram (politely cropped sadly) with the caption “Too good not to post! @michaelklim1 has finally found his people!!” Michael and his wife are in Croatia on holiday and took the opportunity to enjoy some all over tanning. It would be interesting to hear what Michael’s employers think of this. He’s the head swimming coach at Melbourne’s Wesley College which I understand is pretty prestigious. Michael is no stranger to nudity, having posed for the great Aussie photographer Paul Freeman back in his elite swimming days. The shots were part of a regular pre-Olympic art publication which sadly hasn’t happened for many years now.