Here in Australia every year there is a best-of-three-games series of Rugby League battled out between New South Wales and Queensland, two of our states. New South Wales, where Sydney is, has lost the last 8 years of this series but this week they won their first series in 9 years. We have a show very creatively called the Footy Show, hosted by former players and commentators. It’s aimed at the lowest common denominator Rugby League fan but it’s been running for year so it must hold some appeal for League fans.

Beau Ryan is one of the hosts of the show. He is a former player who was playing only a couple of years ago. He made a pledge on the show earlier this year that he would come on and host the show from beginning to end completely nude if NSW won. He made good on his pledge. I saw this video this morning and the photo on the right before he went on and thought to myself “maybe this show has something to offer after all”. I’m not sure if he did indeed stay nude the whole show or not, or how much he participated not from behind the desk. I’d love to see the outtakes.

The photo on the left is from his playing days when there was a men of league calendar.