I need to ask a favour. It’s not something I generally like to do on the blog but I’m going to do it anyway because it could really help me achieve something that I am very keen to do. There have been vague references on the blog to an adventure that I’m trying to make happen. I want to take 12 months and travel around the country making videos and meeting fascinating people and the plan is to get sponsored to do it. To do that I need to be able to show potential investors that there will be exposure to their brand that makes it worthwhile.

Currently the blog is averaging just over 1,500 views per day which is great but to be appealing to sponsors that number would be better being a bit higher. My request is simple. If you like this blog and you know of anyone that doesn’t read it but you think they might enjoy it, send it to them. Please. That is all I’m asking. Word of mouth is a much better recommendation than advertising and hopefully it will help the hits a little bit.

Thanks gang. I really appreciate it. This adventure, if I can make it happen, will hopefully be lifechanging and something that I will remember forever.