On Sunday there was a tragic accident that happened in the Royal National Park south of Sydney. A young man was walking with friends and while stopped to get a photo the edge of the cliff that he was on gave way and collapsed underneath him and he fell to his death. That young man was Fabien Ardoin who I had photographed just recently for my tribal inspired series. He was a really warm and open hearted young man that was enjoying all that the world had to offer.

Fabien had been travelling his way around the world for several years and was living in Wollongong, my home town. It’s always terribly sad when someone dies young but especially so when you know they were just going to go on to achieve a lot of great things. I only met Fabien for a few hours on the day we did the photo shoot but he was intelligent, articulate, sincere and a pleasure to work with.

I can only imagine the devastation of his poor girlfriend who witnessed the tragedy and his family who were notified by French authorities.

RIP Fabien. It was a pleasure to have met you.